How I cope with poorly kids

We are on day four of two poorly children. We are talking vomiting and raging fevers, proper sick. They both simultaneously got ill so suddenly on Saturday afternoon and it’s been a rough ride for all of us since then.

I always feel so helpless when my children are ill, it’s horrible. Thankfully, we’ve never had anything serious so I know we are extremely lucky. I have friends who have children with life threatening illnesses and I just admire them so much. I can’t even imagine seeing your child in so much pain and in real danger, knowing you can’t do a thing about it. It must be absolutely desperate and I am in no way comparing a tummy bug to people in those situations. Just wanted to say that. Ok.



We haven’t been out for four days and sleep has been scarce so it’s been a long week already. My poor babies have been so listless and sad, it’s breaking my heart. Just when I think they’re perking up they seem to crash again. They haven’t wanted to eat or play or anything, just sit glued to me watching beebies. I’ve been sleeping on the floor in their bedroom since they’ve been up so much in the night so I feel like I’ve got jet lag or something. I’m tired but who cares, I feel really lucky to be their mum right now. Even through these long days, I feel so happy that I can take care of them. Selfishly, it makes me feel really needed and I quite like that feeling! All they want is me, which can be suffocating at times, but also lovely. I love that feeling of them wanting me just to hold them because it’s the only thing that makes them feel better. I like it that they let me give them a million kisses and tell them everything will be fine.

image2 (1)

Having said all of this, there are a few necessary survival tactics I’ve undertaken to ease the process.

  • I am embracing the chance to get some stuff done around the house. Ok, so this doesn’t sound like a helpful hint but actually it feels really good to keep on top of things. I have been housebound so I thought I could either let everything go completely to pot or I could prove to myself that I can take care of the kids and keep the house nice, so that’s what I’m trying to do.
  • I am trying really hard not to get stressed about vomit. We have had several puking episodes these past few days and it’s not something I deal very well with at all. I am really weird about germs and sick is my worst nightmare. Sophie puked on me and herself and I just had to try and keep calm and forget about my own sickiness. I got her all cleaned up and calmed before assessing the chunks all up my arm and leg. George projectile vomited on the dining table and the lounge floor. It happened so fast and the spray was epic. I found myself audibly gasping and yelping and just not knowing what to do, so ridiculous. Sophie was literally surrounded so I barked at her to keep still while I attempted to sort out the carnage. I literally was telling myself in my head that soon I’ll have cleaned it all up and everything will be fine! I disinfected the living room within an inch of it’s life and I felt a lot better.
  • Have you heard of Amazon Prime Now? Best and worst thing ever invented. I think it’s only available in certain parts of the country, where I live is one of them. It basically means that you can order stuff and it will be delivered within two hours. TWO HOURS! At times like these, having someone bring me a tub of Ben and Jerry’s is like a little gift straight from heaven.
  • A big bottle of Lucozade. Enough said.
  • Lastly, I have been regressing back to what everyone told me to do when I had  a new born which is to sleep when they sleep. The kids were looking sleepy around 11am so I took them off to their beds and climbed into my duvet floor bed and we all had a couple of hours much needed rest. Don’t try and be a hero, if you get a chance to sleep then take it.

image1 (4)

Being a mother is such a huge learning curve isn’t it, to state the obvious. Just when you think you might have got to grips with it, everything changes and something new comes flying at you to test and try you. Hang in there mums, you’re incredible!

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