My name is Gemma and I’m 34. I was born in Cambridgeshire and I now live in West London with my amazing husband David (a Yorkshire man). We have our gorgeous son George (4 years) and our beautiful daughter Sophie (2 years). I qualified as a Dental Therapist in 2009 and got married the same year. I am currently a full time mum having lived in the same area of West London for over six years. I love, love, love it here. It’s home.

I am actually what you might describe as ‘anti blog.’ I always thought it was really pretentious to create a blog and assume you’re so interesting that people want to read about your life. Sometimes though, I want to read about someone going through what I’m going through. I want to feel like ‘phew, it’s not just me.’ I also love to get new ideas about parenting, exploring, cooking, you name it.

I hope that when you read my blog you might occasionally feel a bit less alone. You might occasionally learn something  new and useful. And that it might even make you smile.




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