Meal planning joy

First blog post ever! I don’t know exactly what I’m going to write about but I feel like writing so here I go.
I’m excited to start this blog and write about my family life in West London. My two little monkeys keep me very busy but I’m hoping this will give me a little ‘me time’ back now and again.
BLOG1Sophie (21 months) is having a lovely nap and George (3 1/2) is watching Thomas the Tank. We just got back from a week long trip to Yorkshire to see the in-laws so it’s one of those laundry, food shopping, sorting stuff kind of days.
I’ve just been food shopping and bought a tonne of healthy food. I’ve had a real junk food few weeks and feel like it’s time to get sensible. No more eating Nutella from the jar (for now anyway.) I’m determined to actually use all of the yummy healthy food I’ve bought rather than end up chucking it out which, I’m ashamed to say, often happens. What I find soooo helpful is to make a meal plan at the beginning of the week. Maybe that sounds super boring but it’s actually life changing, no exaggeration. I did my meal plan, I’ve bought everything I need for my meals and now I can just focus on cooking it all. I don’t know about you, but one of the most taxing parts of the day is the ‘what the heck am I going to make for tea’ moment that seems to come around all too quickly. When I’ve already planned it out, the choice is already made which I find is half the battle.

So here are my semi healthy, very simple meal plans for the next five days:

  • Monday: Salmon, sweet potato wedges, veg
  • Tuesday: Jacket potatoes with chili (tuna for the kids) and salad
  • Wednesday: Pasta with home made spinach sauce (cream cheese, spinach, parmesan, lemon juice, pine nuts all blitzed up)
  • Thursday: Chicken and bacon salad
  • Friday: Butternut squash risotto

I would absolutely LOVE some more meal ideas so please feel free to share. It’s still easy to get stuck in a meal rut so lets keep changing it up.


4 thoughts on “Meal planning joy

  1. I noticed there is no weekend in your meal plan and immediately thought takeaway, but how about making pizzas with the kids as a little treat? It keeps them occupied AND means one less day to think about what to make for them, just buy some pre-made bases and let them choose the ingredients themselves.
    You’re welcome.


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