Girls Night

This wasn’t your typical girls night. Oh no. We usually get together and go out for a meal and a good giggle so we decided to do something different (keeping the chat and the giggle of course).

Amy suggested that we have a lovely evening walk around the sights. A nice idea…but food had to be involved somehow, right? Julie came up with the genius idea of a tour of some yummy bakeries and we were all totally in.

We met at Green Park Station and headed to Burlington Arcade to ‘Laduree’ for some macaroons. It was so pretty and there were soooo many flavours to choose from. I chose caramel and banana and it literally melted in my mouth, it was so good.


From there we headed to Harrods, via Big Ben, and then to High Street Kensington for more and more cakes. We did a LOT of walking but it was really fun. Just to be in the city at night and enjoy doing some touristy stuff. I realised that I take where I live for granted a lot and it gave me a fresh appreciation for this amazing place.

Do you think that girls need girls? I certainly do and I really loved being with friends and letting my hair down a bit. Night time patisserie crawl highly recommended!



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