London Designer Outlet

So I’m always looking for stuff to do with the kids and fun places to go. We sometimes end up walking around shops, which is fine, but not always the most fun for the children. I justify it by letting them play in the Lego Shop for a bit and watch the big tvs in the Disney Store. If I’m honest, though, it’s not that much fun for them. We do a lot of exciting, kid centred stuff so sometimes I just like looking around the shops.


The London Designer Outlet is located right next to Wembley Stadium. It has a bunch of great shops and all of them are outlets which means cheap stuff! You will find H and M, GAP, Next, Marks and Spencer, Nike, to name just a few. It also has a wide selection of restaurants, as well as a Cineworld cinema. They also have ice skating set up in the winter which is really magical. Parking is free (on a non Wembley event day) when you spend £30 or more at the outlet, which I generally do…

Here is the best bit, there is a great big outdoor play area for the children. It is covered so even if it rains the kids can still play. It is totally enclosed so the little ones can run around as much as they like and enjoy the playground.
It has all the usual swings and slides, as well as great climbing ladders and rope walks. My kids absolutely love it! You have to walk past it to get to the shops so we generally go there first for a bit then go and have a wander around. The kids know that we can go back to the playground again on the way out too so they look forward to that while we are doing our shopping.




We had such a lovely afternoon there today with a friend. It’s kind of like guilt free retail therapy because you know that your kids get to have fun too!

Have you been to the London Designer Outlet? What did you think? Are there any other favourite places you can share?


One thought on “London Designer Outlet

  1. You missed the massive bonus of free chocolate balls at Lindt! Ha.. oh! I love that place! #Lindt #londondesigneroutlet


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