Special trip

On Sunday my husband and I returned home from a week in the USA. Thanks to the most amazing inlaws ever, we were able to leave our children with them and have a special trip together.
I was SUPER anxious about leaving the kids. Not because I was worried at all about how they would be looked after, Grandma and Grandad are the best, but because I have simply never been away from them for so long. I kept having these terrifying thoughts of something happening to David and I which would mean my kids were orphans. I kept thinking that they would think I didn’t care about them and that I just gayly went on holiday and abandoned them. So many crazy things going through my mind made it hard to leave them.

Our first stop was Chicago to visit my sister in law and her family. Her and her husband have five children, Charlotte who is almost 5 and 10 month old quads. Yes that’s right, quads! We hadn’t even met the babies before this trip and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to spend so much time with them. There are three boys and one girl and they are honestly the best behaved babies I’ve ever known. They are so happy and friendly, I love them. Loving on these babies definitely helped me with pining for my own kids.
Chicago was cold but so fun and different to home. We went around the city for a day and saw the sights just the two of us. It’s such a wonderful treat to be able to have a cosy hot chocolate in a cafe with a book and just relax the time away. We were busy a lot but it’s never the same sort of busyness as when you are with your own children.
I loved spending this time with family and I miss them a lot already, it was hard to leave.
Next we went to New York City for the last two nights. We got an incredible deal on an amazing hotel and it really felt like a luxurious few days. We were also able to spend time with my good friend who moved to the city earlier this year. It was such therapy to see her and her family and renew our friendship again.
It was our first time in NYC and we totally loved it.
As we live in the city, it felt easy and normal to travel through tonnes of people and crowded restaurants. We had some amazing food ( ‘Jacobs Pickles’ for breakfast, ‘Burger Joint’ for burgers, ‘Patsy’s’ for pizza, ‘Levains’ for cookies) and saw the sights.
I LOVED New York and would definitely recommend it as a couples city break, especially at Christmas. It was magical.

Being reunited with my babies was so wonderful. They surprised us and met us at the airport. As we came out of the departure gate they came running towards us smiling and open armed. I missed them so much but it was so good for all of us to have this special break. They loved their adventures with Grandma and Grandad and we loved having precious time together and recharging our batteries.
I’m so blessed.



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