Power of Mums

So this is going to be a bit cheesy, just a warning.

I have been thinking so much lately about how much of a failure I am as a mother, bla bla bla. As all mothers do, we never feel like we are doing enough. We are messing up our kids in so many ways and the weight of that is too much. We let them down and it’s all our fault.


Mothers, you are amazing. I don’t just say that as a throw away comment, you literally are. I’m not even talking about the fact that you made a human, amazing as that is, I’m talking about you as a person. You are so selfless and caring. You would do absolutely anything for your children, no matter what. That unconditional love has such immense power it can really take us by surprise. We never expected quite how much we would love our children, sometimes it takes our breath away. How we feel when we hold them and smell them is what keeps us going through the screaming fits and sleep deprivation.

They learn so much good from us. We teach them how to speak, where to poo, how to pray, how to share, how to be a kind human.

We look at all our mummy friends and think that they have it so together and wonder how they do it. They are so much better then me, their kids are so lucky, they are more beautiful than me (that one just seems to pop up in any situation).
We know this does us no good at all, and yet we keep doing it. We persist in this self harming pattern of telling ourselves that we’re no good.

Sometimes we lose our patience and we feel so awful about it we want to cry. We want to wake up our babies and say sorry and tell them we didn’t mean it and we love them so much. We don’t want them to have memories of us shouting about the smallest things that don’t matter. Little things really don’t matter.

We love our children. They are so blessed to be ours and to be so loved. We are so far from perfect but that’s alright.

We are mothers. We are strong and loving. We can do this. We are doing this.



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