Mummy friends

As I talked about in an earlier post, we didn’t see much of my husband over Easter weekend due to his study commitments. That was fine but it was different from just normal, day to day life. All of my mummy friends were enjoying precious time with their husbands over the four day weekend. That’s exactly what I’d have been doing if I could so it’s not like I was surprised or upset that I didn’t have anyone to hang out with. 

What this time did for me, though, was made me realise just how much I need my female friends. I love being able to spend time with strong, amazing women who inspire and teach me so much. I love being able to talk about my struggles and worries about my children, or just my life in general. I love how we don’t judge each other, we just want to help. We just ‘get’ each other and know what to say or do that sometimes even husbands don’t. 

I love it that I have a friend that I can just say to ‘I need to get out, can we come over?’ That I can just text and say ‘I’m struggling today’ and they just know how to make me feel a bit better. I can’t imagine not having these friends. 

I know some people prefer their own company but I’m discovering that I actually need people. I need reassurance and advice, and I’m not ashamed of that. I don’t think that means I’m a weak person, I think I’m actually strong and tough in a lot of ways. Asking for help shouldn’t make us feel like we are failing, it should empower us and free us to become better. It also makes me feel great if I can help my friends in some way, even if that’s just a hug. 

I grew up with three brothers and was literally desperate for a sister. There is quite an age gap between my youngest brother and I so before he was born I was sure that finally, this was my chance for a sister. Nope, another boy (love you bro). I think this made it even more important to have girl friends because I was in a very male environment most of the time.

I always had such close friends at school but as I’ve got older, I have found it harder to foster those same kinds of close relationships. It can be difficult to open up and show who you really are and what you’re about. I want to just be myself and feel comfortable in who I am. I’m so thankful for friends that make me feel like I can be like that.

We’ve all had different life experiences, let’s share them and enrich each other.


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