Dummy Fairy follow up

So a few days ago I wrote about getting rid of the dummies. We decided to go for the dummy fairy method and I wanted to write a quick update for those of you who have been asking how it ‘s been going.

George and Sophie slept through the night without any hassle and bounced out of bed, excited to see what the dummy fairy had left them. They were delighted with their gifts and were really amazed that the fairies really had taken the dummies away.

I must say, it’s been pretty plain sailing! Way easier than I ever imagined it would be, thank goodness. Sophie has only asked for the dummy twice and when I remind her about the dummy fairies, she seems happy and accepting. There also aren’t any more arguments over dummies which is wonderful. They were both so in love with them that things could get pretty intense. It feels so good to just remove them completely. My husband said we should put them in the cupboard just in case of an emergency! I told him that we had to be strong, we couldn’t go back after all this. If we did then it would totally confuse them, it just wouldn’t be fair. So in the dustbin they went, and it felt so good.


I am surprised that Sophie hasn’t been asking for it at bedtime. The only thing I have noticed is that she hasn’t been falling asleep as quickly as she usually does. When the dummy would go in, she would immediately snuggle down and just knew it was time to sleep. Without that cue, it’s just taken her a little longer to get sleepy but this is really no big deal.

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I know that a lot of people don’t agree with dummies in the first place. I did give my children dummies from a very young age, even though I never thought I would before I became a parent. Sleep deprivation can make you change your mind on all sorts of things that you hadn’t planned out previously. I always felt a bit bad about it but then again I always knew that it wouldn’t last forever. I wasn’t going to let them go to school and still be having a dummy, they would be gone before the kids were old enough to be affected in a negative way. I would say that limiting them to nap and bed times is a great way to slowly start weaning them off, and it also reduces the risk of problems with speech. Dummies have their place, I really believe that.

I am soooooooooooo happy with how this has gone. it’s been a few days now so I’m hoping we won’t have a relapse. I whole heartedly recommend the dummy fairy method, as well as a little gift being left. I just love seeing their little faces and hearing all of the questions about where their dummies went. They decided that the fairies live in a dummy castle. Perfect.


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