No internet + girls holiday

Helloooooooooooooo out there!

BT sent us an email about a month ago saying ‘goodbye and thank you for your custom.’ Er, what the? We phoned them immediately and I won’t bore you with the VERY boring details but it took three weeks and around ten hours of phone calls by my poor husband to get back online. Un.Be.Leivable. I felt really cut off and unable to do so many things that I usually do, like blogging. I used up my phone data allowance so fast because I was having to use it all the time and it was just a real pain. Anyway, it’s not the end of the world and things are back to normal now so here I am.

More interesting news is that I went on a girls holiday and it was amazing. Myself and four friends have been saying for ages about going away somewhere but not really seriously. I decided to look up some flights and found out that a return to Copenhagen was £31!!! So, we found a date that worked and booked to go for two nights, woo hoo. The Dad’s were left in charge of the kiddos and off we went. I was so excited, even for the plane journey as it meant time to sit and read (or nap) which is rare these days.

We booked a lovely air bnb right in the city centre, such a perfect location. It was on the fourth floor (with no lift, sheesh) and so it had stunning views and felt really peaceful. We dumped our luggage and went straight out to explore. None of us had ever been to Copenhagen before and we were keen to see as much as we could in the relatively short time we had. We decided that a boat trip would be a good start so that we could get a feel for where things were and have a good look around. It was really fun and so relaxing to just sit and look at pretty things and take photos. I love being on the water, I find it so calming, so this was the perfect start to the weekend.


We had made a dinner reservation that evening for Host after reading lots of great reviews. It looked cosy and very Danish, which is what we wanted. They have a set menu so we pretty much all went for that, but got way more than we bargained for…They started bringing out dishes that weren’t on the menu saying that they just like to surprise their customers! It was food that I had never eaten before and it was really fun to try new things. Some were yummy (powdered chicken skin), and some not so much (a big mouthful of salt that I thought was powdered chicken skin but was just part of the plate decoration), but all a great experience. Eight courses (yep, eight) and three hours later, we were ready to head ‘home.’


Late night girly chat and giggles led us into the wee hours and then off to bed knowing we could sleep in, woop. I realised how much I love girl time, it makes me feel young.


The next day we spent ages getting ready…


…and then headed to Frederiksborg Castle and it was so pretty. We had a guided tour, which I’m not usually into but I’m so glad we did. It was so interesting and I loved looking at all of the beautiful art work and architecture.



In the evening we visited Tivoli Gardens which, for me, was the highlight of the trip. It is a really old amusement park and is said to be where Walt Disney got some of his inspiration for the Disney theme parks. It was SO MUCH FUN. It rained a lot but we didn’t let that stop us. We went on roller coasters and bumper cars and just wet ourselves laughing half the night. There was also a big music concert happening in the grounds so we were dancing and laughing until the early hours.


We had to check out by 11am the next morning so had planned to go out early but that didn’t quite happen for all of us after such a late night. One of the girls got up super early and went exploring by herself. Two of the girls woke up at the same time and literally got out of bed and left the house to walk around for an hour before check out. Me and my roomie were the last to leave and we headed to a breakfast cafe called Atelier September that we had read about, even though we didn’t really have enough time…We had some amazing avacado toast and eggs with this delicious Danish cheese, so yum. We rushed back to pack and vacate our pad and then did some shopping, last minute sight seeing (we went in the church that had the original Christus which was pretty special) and then lunch before heading to the airport.


I had such a lovely time with these girls, it was medicine for my soul. I missed my family and was excited to see them. I felt really refreshed, it was just the break we all needed I think. Copenhagen was magical and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful city holiday.

Girls trips rule.



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