Famous people I’ve seen

One of my most FAVOURITE things to do is look out for celebrities. Maybe that makes me a bit of a loser? I am lucky that living in London I get to see quite a few famous faces and this makes me HAPPY!

There are famous people and there are famous people though, right? I have compiled the following list and I’m a bit of a geek so some of the least famous are basically not famous to anyone but me.

DAVID BECKHAM – Yep, that’s right. I actually saw David Beckham, and not just saw him, interacted with him.  I was driving around North London and was hopelessly lost. I turned a corner in a slight fit of frustration (which means way too fast) and almost crashed head on into a black four by four. I was even more annoyed at the prospect of having to reverse back onto the street to let the guy pass. So you can imagine my surprise when the driver beckoned me forward and reversed all the way back to let me pass! How nice, I thought, and rare that someone would be so kind. As I got closer and was waving to thank the nice man it quickly dawned on me that it was David Beckham! I literally lost it and waved and smiled until my arm nearly fell off. It was pretty obvious that I recognised him and he was very gracious and smiley back at me, I guess he’s used to it. The only other person in the car was three year old George and he just didn’t quite appreciate my excitement.

COLIN FIRTH – Ahhhhh, Mr Darcy himself. Turns out he lives right around the corner from me and I happened to be walking past his house one day as he was pulling up in his car. I did a huge double take and slowed right down so that I could confirm it was him (and be a stalker and see which house he went into). I literally reverted back to my 14 year old self that had a poster of him on my bedroom wall. I was staring at him so hard that I wasn’t looking where I was going and I tripped and broke my flip flop. Right there in front of Mr Darcy I tripped and looked like a complete goober. I’ve seen him a few times since then but I totally play it cool now. Not.

LIAM NEESON – I saw him in Hyde Park and did my usual jaw drop stare. He wasn’t like the others though, he stared right back! He’s hardcore.

SIR IAN McKELLEN – I was in a box at the proms last year next to Gandalf himself. I couldn’t pluck up the courage to speak to him and just stared at him the entire night…he was way too cool / scary / intelligent for me.

SIR MICHAEL GAMBON – I know, another old man, but he is Dumbldore so it’s ok. He must live near me because I’ve seen him a few times at cafes and in the park.

SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR – I have seen her soooo many times, she lives really near me. One of her kids is ginger and I want to be like ‘hey, I have ginger kids too. We should be friends.’

ELIZABETH McGOVERN – She plays Cora in Downton Abbey and I absolutely love her. I walked past her on my local high street and I just literally couldn’t believe my eyes. She is super tall and thin and she just elegantly floated past me with a fixed smile on her face. I want to be like her when I grow up.

PENELOPE WILTON – She plays Isobel Crawley in Downton Abbey (sorry if you haven’t seen Downton, but where have you been?!) When I went to look around primary schools for my son a few months ago, she was there with her daughter looking around for her grandchild. I spent, like, an hour with her and pretty much didn’t take in any information about the school. My four year old decided to do a moonie which he has never done before or since, so that was nice.

JARVIS COCKER – The ex Pulp singer walked across the road right in front of us as we were driving around North London. I was a big fan of his in the nineties and he literally looked exactly the same as he always has.

There are loads more but lots of them are a bit z list!

Richard Osman, Cherry Healey (I went to drama school with her and now she lives right by me), John Humphreys, Alistair McGowen, Moira Stuart, Nathanial Parker, Shirley Williams, Ruby Wax, Jeremy Vine, Charles Dance, Des O’Conner, George Cole, Holly Willoughby.

My next goal is royalty…..



2 thoughts on “Famous people I’ve seen

  1. Hugh grant, turned a corner and came face to face, didn’t know where to look.
    Some old woman that used to be in the series ‘bread’
    Jemima Khan
    Jamie from made in chelsea
    David Cameron (pre PM, he was jogging)
    Sophie Ellis Bextor, in chelsea and Westminster hospital twice , she was preggers around same time as me, pretty sure she went to the private wing though.
    Sam fox, at a party
    Mick hucknall, chatting to Sam fox.
    Damon Albarn, our kids went to the same school in Ladbroke Grove.
    Plenty of newsreaders and presenters who I couldn’t name.
    Lots more but can’t remember them all.


  2. My husbands list is endless from some extra work he did and also from when he worked in the clubs, everyone from Leo dicaprio, stephen Spielberg and Ben stiller to Princes William and Harry who he shook hands with on numerous occasions.


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